Lake Point House

New London, NH | 2016
Size: 12,700

Contractor: C.W. Ostrum Builders LLC

Interior Designer: Heather Wells

Landscape Designer: Pellettieri Associates, Inc.

Lighting Designer: Light Positive

Photos by Marcus Gleysteen

An interpretation of New Hampshire lakeshore vernacular, Lake Point House expresses the essence of its site-- the land, the water, the trees, and the light. It is arranged in concentric rings, with the kitchen and informal dining space at the center. Anchored by a fireplace, the room has places to lounge, eat, and cook. Together, with the master suite above, it forms a small house within the bigger house, allowing an intimate and comfortable feeling when just a few people are at home. Beyond the kitchen is the great room, a large entertaining space seen first from the front door. The view to the lake beyond is framed by a steel moment frame, looking through a wall of sliding glass panels. Opposite the glass wall, a massive white-painted shiplap wall creates a sense of enclosure and balance for the harder, more rugged materials in the space. Hand-split, sky-lit granite walls bookend the room. Crafted by a local welder, custom steel and glass fireplace doors roll out from pockets in the stone chimney. The Douglas fir beams, imagined as an extension of the surrounding trees, soar out toward the water, and minimize the threshold between inside and out.