Cedar Street House

Brookline, MA | 2016
Size: 6,000 sq ft

Contractor: Market Value LLC.

Photos by Marcus Gleysteen

This project is a renovation and addition of a historic International Style house was designed by Hugh Stubbins in 1936.  The original modern house stood in contrast to the neighboring colonial-revival houses built during the same period.

Working with the local historical commission, we created a design vocabulary for the addition which was complementary to, but visually distinct from the original house.  We determined we could renew the design integrity of the original house by building behind it and replacing the 1960s-era garage on the front.  This allowed the main facade of the house to remain nearly untouched.

The addition contains a new kitchen, informal dining area, family room, and master suite--accommodating the loft-like main living spaces preferred by today's households.  The result is a complementary and compatible juxtaposition of existing and new architectural elements that share a common aesthetic sensibility.