Clearwater Harbor House

SUNAPEE, NH | 2018
Size: 5,907 sq ft



   North Branch Construction


   Marcus Gleysteen

The Clearwater Harbor House is located on a narrow site that fits between a natural harbor and an elevated gravel road.  The lake lies to the north with a heavily wooded slope to the south. The site's configuration and features influenced the massing and circulation of the house.  The house has two entry points. The first is a back door drop-off with a small turn around large enough for one car. The second is the main entrance which sits below the access road connected by a roofed exterior stair. Guest parking and a two car garage are located across the road.  The two entrances are separated by service and circulation spaces along the street side while major living spaces face the lake. Key goals included letting in light, maintaining privacy from the road, and locating the main spaces at lake level.