Clearwater Harbor House

SUNAPEE, NH | 2018
Size: 5,907 sq ft



   North Branch Construction


   Marcus Gleysteen

Clearwater Harbor House is located on a narrow site that fits between a natural harbor and an elevated gravel road. The design was planned with a linear layout that benefits all major living spaces with windows and views facing the lake.  The echeloning façade follows the contour of the shore and allows corners of glass in every room. The main spaces are located at the level of the lake, and the raised street side has a private in-town feel.  Strategically placed clerestory windows on the south elevation maximize light into the family room, and an open stair provides screening from the drive.

The house has two welcoming timbered entries. The primary main entrance sits below the drive and is connected by a roofed exterior stair.  The secondary mudroom entrance is adjacent to back-door drop-off and mudroom.  Guest parking, and a two-car garage are located across the drive.