Grant Street House

Size: 7,310 sq ft


     MCGEOUGH Custom Homes


     Marcus Gleysteen

The Grant Street House is terraced into a granite outcropping within a pre-determined footprint. The sloping site required dividing the program between four levels. It contains, in addition to an open plan living area, five bedrooms, and a broad open stairway that serves as both a light well and a vertical street. The exterior configuration of windows balances light and transparency with a tactile sense of solidity and security.  Set back from the street and screened by mature trees, the visual impact of the volume and height of the house are reduced in scale by the subdividing its mass down into smaller, terracing elements.  The abstract nature of the stucco-clad exterior is offset by the richness and mystery of the loggia above. 


   Merit Award - 2019 Builder's Choice & Custom Home Design Awards