M&JG House

Lincoln, MA | 2007
Size: 3,403 sq ft

Contractor: Brookes and Hill Custom Builders

Photos by Marcus Gleysteen, Eric Roth, Matt Kalinowski

The M&JG House overlooks fieldstone-bordered meadows surrounded by forest. It has been rebuilt while utilizing sixty percent of the original structure. The house is designed in two parts; a barn structure that contains the garage, kitchen and studio, and a "farmhouse" that contains the bedrooms and office. The two are linked by the living space. The interior layout and detailing is contemporary while the exterior reflects the rural character of its New England setting. This project is the result of a collection of experiments that can only be performed by architects upon themselves. The product is an articulated and defined approach to residential architecture that fits comfortably within its context and surroundings while remaining fresh and relevant. Traditional materials and details are combined with window walls, an open plan, and careful attention to site conditions, creating a contemporary house that is sound, functional and delightful. The original house, constructed in 1969, was designed by Constantin Pertzoff.