Shawkemo House

Nantucket, MA | 2000
Size: 4,779 sq ft

Contractor: Cobblestone Builders

Photos by Marcus Gleysteen,
Richard Mandelkorn

The Shawkemo House is built on a knoll that provides views of Nantucket Harbor to the west, Nantucket Sound to the north, and Polpis Harbor to the east. Despite its elevated position, extraordinarily dense shrubbery hides the house from large neighboring houses. The eclectic design, fully endorsed and approved by the Nantucket Historic District Commission, is based upon mid-nineteenth century vacation houses built up and down the east coast, (including Nantucket), in contrast to the stark and minimalist vocabulary that the island is now known for. This project was the first free-standing new house designed by the firm. It is an early example of combining contemporary uses and forms, in particular in relation to space planning, with traditional materials and familiar construction methods. White cedar shingle, stone veneer and large gables anchor the design to the history and character of the site. Large interconnected living spaces defined by wide expanses of glass reflect contemporary patterns of living.